dogbotic is a full-service lab for music, sound, and audio wizardry

(but it's mostly wizardry)


01. dogbotic crafts genre-bending sounds.

dogbotic (the studio) crafts music + sound for film, TV, installation, games, radio, VR, web, and everything in between. our work is praised by dogs, humans, and robots alike.

02. dogbotic builds innovative audio tech.

dogbotic (the lab) develops inventive audio tools, researches emergent creative technology, invents its own instruments, and explores the weird and wonderful world of new media. 

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services we offer

  • original music: everything from orchestras to synthesizers

  • sound design: building worlds out of sound since 1928

  • soundscores: Dogbotic’s specialty—music and sound design that fit hand-in-hand

  • audio and tech for new media: installations, interfaces, and otherwise rejecting the real world and substituting your own

  • orchestration/arrangements: it always sounds better with real strings

  • ambisonic audio for VR/AR : first-order, fifth-order, you name it

  • multichannel: 5.1 surround, binaural, octophonic

  • branding/mnemonics: a logo for your ears

  • studio production/mix: making it all sound spiffy

  • frisbee: we play a good game of fetch

some of the stuff we do

between a lab and studio, Dogbotic develops both audio and technology in-house. in the past, Dogbotic has been hired to:

if you can dream it, it can be built. Dogbotic thrives off creative challenges in new media, and custom-tailors the sound to fit aesthetically, narratively, and functionally. no idea is too "out there."

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