Forever Professor

Mika Johnson

Original Score


When a filmmaker goes home to interview an old professor, he finds a very different man from the one he remembered. The suave, handsome, chain-smoking teacher whose lectures captivated students is now obsessed with time and order. He has taught psychology at the same college for 48 years, 6 months, and 3 days. His commute to work takes 17 minutes. He holds two Guinness world records: one for the largest collection of talking clocks in the world, over 1,006, and another for the longest uninterrupted series of figure eights on a personal transporter, in under 2 minutes. Told in interviews, animation, and re-enactments, Forever Professor is both a portrait of a brilliant eccentric and a film about time, in all its glory and banality.

For a story that often straddles the line between documentary and fiction, Forever Professor's soundscore is a winding maze of musical palindromes, sonic puns, and darkly humorous instrumentation. The score is as quirky as McKinley himself--equal parts playful and mysterious.