Case Study

Exactly what we were hired to do, and how we went about it.

Production Trailer

A play about the media, told through the media.

Wartime Parallax

One of our favorite scenes, composed out of animated period photographs.

Dogbotic worked with Raleigh’s Burning Coal Theater on a one-of-a-kind reactive audiovisual stage set for David Hare’s award-winning play “Stuff Happens.” Set in the aftermath of 9/11, “Stuff Happens” follows seven of the most powerful global leaders through the media frenzy that was the War on Terror. Dogbotic crafted a modular multimedia array capable of displaying ten channels of video that play along with the narrative in real time—transforming from large set piece video walls to digital collages; archival footage to live broadcasts of areas on stage.

On the audio side of the equation, we equipped the theater with a quadrophonic speaker array, allowing our soundscore to travel through the audience, putting them directly at the center of the action. We produced almost two hours of music and sound design, often times blurring the lines between the two.

Told through a unique combination of live actors and period media, our production of “Stuff Happens” is a celebration of the dissonance between history as it is lived, and news as it is reported.

Stuff Happens

Directed by
Lillian Wooten White

Music, Sound, Video,
Multichannel Engineering

Written by
David Hare

Produced by
Burning Coal Theatre


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